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Welcome to Rodder's Life

Welcome to Rodder's Life official website. Back in 2004 Michael had an idea to produce the first Hot Rod, Custom and Classic car show on television. Starting on Channel 31 and other community channels around Australia, Rodder's Life quickly became the highest rating show on channel 31, showing 5 times a week. During this time with emails starting to flood in, Michael replied to each and every one and added the catch phrase "IT'S A RODDER'S LIFE". The show then went to New Zealand on Wasabi television. A few years on and Michael moved the show to Foxtel/Austar, broadcasting nationally and the show still being repeated throughout the week.

The car culture is without doubt, an entrenched component of the Australian way of life. Rodder's Life explores the many varying aspects of the industry. Displaying the many car events, the preparation and work that goes into the events, the people behind the scenes, and also showing the everyday people who build, restore and love their prized processions. Rodder's Life leaves no stone unturned, interviewing the many women who support the industry and those women who love to drive, build and race the cars. The next generation of Rodder's are already in the shed learning how it's done and driving around in their mini rods at the events. Rodder's Life interviews all various car enthusiasts from the restored originals, muscle, classics, customized to the max, chopped, tubbed or anything that is different.

The vast demographics of the shows audience has been a great achievement, in that Rodder's Life has a fan base of between 2 years and 90 year olds. This has been gained by way of the fabulous format gained through segments being produced for all tastes, from building, technical tips, away on events and sponsors being involved in competitions with prizes for all. At any event and where ever Michael goes, people call out the catch phrase, it's a rodder's life.

We invite and encourage you to explore the site and find many opportunities to highlight the many business interests. The site offers, classifieds to sell or place wanted adds, An events section where you send in your event and we will list it for you. Send in club details and have them on the site. Your business can sponsor and have a graphic add on the site with a direct link to your business.

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1964 Pro Street Galaxie

460 big block, 671 supercharger, C auto, 2500 stall converter, 9" diff, roll cage, tubbed with original wheel arch (15" x 15" wheels), major custom body work with bumper bars,.

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